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BRAVE Beyond Imagination.


BRAVE is a dynamic design studio led by experienced designers with over 10 years of industry expertise, a history of winning numerous international awards, and an extensive social network.

BRAVE takes pride in creating unique and visually captivating designs that exceed client expectations. With a focus on developing long-term partnerships, BRAVE strives to understand each client's unique vision, and transforms it into a powerful brand message.

BRAVE specializes in branding, graphic design, web design, and user experience design, with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering innovative, high-quality solutions.

AW Collection




BRAVE co-created and completed the design of the PIA project with TINZ Style Team. This project includes a total of 22 pieces of furniture design.

LOGO Design _ FG

BRAVE Studio and Fisher-Gem jointly produced a new LOGO systerm and updated the brand image.




Still Life _ Die LieBe

This art installation aims to illustrate the transition between disorder and order in the universe.

Creativity & Fun


BRAVE is a Rabit

This AIGC project combines artistic works with realistic pragmatism to create lively and interesting daily necessities.

Board Game _ YALVALIND

Brave Studio is a place full of fun and collision of ideas. Making rules and creating games is also our part of jobs & life.

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